Where Is Stardust Hemp Flower Grown?

From the Emerald Triangle, the most fertile grounds in southern Oregon and northern California, to greenhouses in the Nevada mountains to you, Stardust Hemp sources from numerous collectives with the  highest quality hemp products you can find.  With a combined 50 years plus of cannabis farming and unique cultivars the results are truly amazing. 

Why Is Our Hemp So Good?  

It starts with our soil and the history of the land we farm that makes the Emerald Triangle — also known as The Green Triangle — so coveted. Five hundred million years ago, what is now southwest Oregon and northwest California was part of an ocean basin. As the geography in the area began to change due to volcanic eruptions, tectonic plate movement, and glacial activity, the ocean started to drain and evaporate, depositing large amounts of incredibly nutrient-rich sediment in the valley. It is these rich soils, accompanied by an arid climate and temperatures that mimic indoor growing, that make this valley one of the best in the world to farm cannabis. 

What Does Hemp Flower Need to Be High-Quality?

Where your hemp flower comes from can say a lot about it. Environment is everything when it comes to hemp profiles and strains. Soil type, climate, temperature, sunlight, moisture, microbial life, and more are environmental factors that contribute to the character of the final product. This includes appearance, aroma, flavor, taste, and texture. 

Stardust Hemp Flower is grown in a few places. Some are unique and leading-edge facilities, while others are legendary natural regions recognized for their history of artisanship and sustainability. Either way, we’ve hand-picked the finest bud for our hemp flower lineup. 

The Emerald Triangle: More on Why It’s the Best Place to Grow

Chances are you’ve heard of the famous Green Triangle. It’s been called the Napa Valley of cannabis. It’s been said to be a map composed of shades of perfection. If there were a cannabis library, this would be it. You get the picture. 

The triangle is one of the best places on earth to grow cannabis, including legal CBD hemp flower. And it has the track record to prove it. Cultivators have been tucked away and famously raising cannabis there since the 1960s. 

So what makes it great for growing? Rich soil (you read the history above) and a Mediterranean climate. The triangle’s unique fusion of soils, topography, and climate produces distinctive hemp flowers. 

That’s why you’ll always find unique flavor profiles in our Stardust Hemp Flower collection.

Nevada Mountain Greenhouses

Natural sunlight, organic soil, and people who love crafting artisan hemp flower CBD and CBG. These are passionate people doing it right in state-of-the-art facilities at an elevation where hemp plants enjoy the full nourishment of the sun’s rays. 

Nevada Mountain Greenhouses produce the best of both worlds: The natural goodness of the sun paired with the ability to craft the climate into what your favorite CBD hemp strain needs to realize its full potential and character. 

Fine ingredients, thoughtful grow methods, and a commitment to the end experience are what make our Stardust Hemp Flowers grown in these greenhouses both original and high-quality.