How Stardust Hemp Flower Is Grown

Premium Hemp Through Premium Methods

Not all CBD hemp is created equal, which is why we pick and choose hemp flower for our Stardust line from all three grow methods: organic indoor, greenhouse, and high-quality outdoor. 

We’ve found that each of  these grow methods, when done correctly, has its advantages. This approach allows us to offer a product line of raw hemp CBD and CBG that brings variety and awareness to the experience of smoking and vaping hemp. 

Organic Indoor

Hemp flower grown in only the cleanest, climate-controlled facilities. This is where heroes are made, where those highly specific strains thrive, and top-shelf hemp flower cultivation becomes an art form.


The goodness of the sun with the proficiency of light-deprivation. True sunlight means a natural, full terpene profile. It’s the crossroads where high-quality meets sustainability. 


When done right, this most natural, most sustainable method of growing hemp is truly rewarding. Flower produced outdoors relishes a broader, more intense, and more deeply penetrating spectrum of light. This method encourages hemp flowers to fully express their terpene and cannabinoid profiles. 

Our Stardust brand is curated from only the finest experts in these grow methods. From the rich and storied soil of  The Green Triangle in Oregon and California to the breathtaking mountains of Nevada, Stardust Hemp sources from numerous collectives with the highest quality hemp products you can find. With a combined 50 years plus of cannabis farming and unique cultivars, the results are truly amazing.