Jack Frost CBG Pre-Roll

Jack Frost CBG Pre-Roll

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Jack Frost CBG Hemp Flower Joints

Looking for some smokeable CBD? Or CBG? Now you can get the best CBD flower in our pre rolls. Our premium flower — yes, even in our joints — is sourced from the Emerald Triangle in northern California and southern Oregon and greenhouses nestled in the mountains of Nevada.

The Stardust Pre-Roll Promise: 

All hand-trimmed flower, no biomass, no shake, no trim — always the high-quality hemp buds that we sell. Our hemp flower is organic and slow-cured, and we have strains loaded with the CBD and CBG hemp flower effects you’re looking for. 

What’s a Pre-Roll? 

It’s a pre-rolled joint — also called pre-rolled cones and hemp cigarettes — filled with the Stardust CBD or CBG flower strain of your choice. Pre-rolls are a convenient way to enjoy the effects of premium hemp flower and to sample a variety of strains, to see which has the CBD hemp flower effects that work best for you. 

Pre-rolls are sold individually. But two, get one free. Each pre-roll contains 1 gram of all hand trimmed hemp flower. 

About Jack Frost CBG Pre-Rolls

You’re uplifted and open. Alert, yet relaxed back into yourself. Think of it as a kind of chiropractic adjustment for the mood and the soul … the mind in the body gently urged back into alignment. 

If focus and calm confidence are on your effects wish list, CBG flower is where it’s at, and the clear, refreshing zing of Jack Frost won’t let you down. 

This CBG herb flower releases a fresh earthiness reminiscent of cedar or hay. The light hoppy aroma translates into a clean, airy taste with hints of pine and citrus—subtle with a sweet and tangy tinge. 

If you want to shift perspectives in your daily grind, Jack Frost could be your new best bud. The pain and anxiety of everyday life can fade into the background, while you relax into a front-and-center, focused and uplifted you! 

How to Smoke a CBG Pre-Roll

  1. Hold the pre-roll cone in front of you and light the twisted end.
  2. When the end of the joint is red, inhale through the filter to start it up, pulling the CBD smoke into your lungs (the lungs are where the cannabinoids and other phytonutrients enter your bloodstream).
  3. Start with a quarter of a hemp joint.
  4. If after 5-10 minutes you desire stronger effects, continue by quarters.
  5. Gently tamp out any remainder of your pre-roll and save for the next session. Happy healing!