Pineapple Haze CBD Hemp Flower

Pineapple Haze CBD Hemp Flower

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Stardust Hemp offers a selection of CBD strains and CBG hemp flower curated with your optimal experience in mind. After years of searching, we’ve hand-picked only the highest quality hemp flower you can buy. From the celebrated fertile soil of the Emerald Triangle to the remarkable greenhouses in the Nevada mountains — to you.  

Every full spectrum CBD flower is not only loaded with beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and phytonutrients, but a combined 50 plus years of experience farming and producing amazing quality and unique cultivars.

We invite you to let us share more about where we source our fire herb and to see how the Stardust Hemp brand ensures only the highest quality.

Pineapple CBD Hemp Flower

A sativa-dominant sweet and tropical hemp strain

Get up and go with this CBD hemp flower that will have you relaxed enough to easily socialize and motivated to make your day happen. 

Feel and Aesthetic

These yellow-green CBD hemp buds, sprinkled with soft coils of sunset orange, almost glow as they tightly hug themselves into a pineapple shape. When you hold one between your thumb and finger, it’ll feel like a little fruit just waiting for you to break into it’s tropical goodness.

Aroma and Flavor

A sweet and tropical pineapple breeze will fill your nose, along with a little earth and hint of funk. Breaking one of these hemp CBD buds results in notes of earthy sweet citrus, like crushed pineapple and flowers. 

This tropical bud lives up to its name. It inhales with a smooth burst of pineapple and exhales smooth as well, with the reminiscent taste of Sweet Tarts candy. And under it all is a floral earthiness that will make you smile.

Pineapple CBD Hemp Flower Effects

Count on feeling comfy, festive, and focused. You’ll be good to go for checking things off your daily to-do list, a pop-up social gathering, a night spent in creativity, or a satisfying couch picnic while streaming your favorite show. With Pineapple Haze CBD flower, you can conjure the energetic spark that will motivate you to pursue whatever it is you want to accomplish with a calm clarity.

Try Our Pineapple Haze Pre-Rolls 

Always made with the same Stardust Hemp high-quality: no trim, no biomass, no shake in our CBD hemp joints. 

What is Hemp Flower?

Hemp CBD flower refers to the flower on mature female hemp plants. In full bloom, the bud (another word for flower) releases certain cannabinoids and resin to attract the pollen from the males and produce seeds. For CBD production, harvesting mature flowers before they have seeds is key.

Not all hemp flowers produce the same levels of CBD. The amount depends on the strain of each plant. As a general rule, high CBD flower usually comes from carefully bred plants to produce bigger buds with a high-CBD, low-THC profile, in order to make legal hemp flower.

Can You Vape Hemp Flower?

Ummm …. fuh shizzle! (That’s an excited yes.) Vaping offers fast and effective relief, and is a safe, healthy, clean way to inhale cannabis. And, it has an even slightly higher bioavailability than smoking. When vaping, a vaporizer heats cannabinoids to the point where they become airborne vapors. People who vape say they can taste the terpene profile of their industrial hemp flower more profoundly. 

Can Hemp Be Smoked?

You betcha. And now that smokeable hemp is coming in from places like the green triangle and artisan greenhouses up in the Nevada mountains, smoking hemp flower is an effective and pleasurable experience. For some, there is no other way.

CBD Flower vs. Oil

Smoking and vaping hemp flower are great ways to get a significant amount and range of cannabinoids into your system fast. With this form of consuming the CBD in hemp, there is an appreciable absorption rate through the lungs, and you can simply smoke more as you need it. Not to mention the sensory experience you can enjoy by smoking CBD flower.