CBD Hemp Flower Effects

What happens when you burn or vape hemp bud? Are you just getting that CBD cannabinoid fired up to go in and start hitting up your ECS receptors with relief? Nope. It’s way more than that. And that’s why the effects of CBD flower are such a different beast. You get the immediate deep result from inhaling combined with an ensemble of effects from several other activated compounds.

Don’t get us wrong, a high-end, full spectrum CBD oil or liposomal CBD is the bomb in it’s own way, and for us, these forms aren’t going anywhere (we like to use different forms to cover all our bases). 

But there’s nothing like inhaling the benefits of hemp flower. Why? Because when you heat raw, untapped flower … you’re not just activating CBD to relieve your pain or to calm your butt down; you’re also sparking up many other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids that turn CBD’s solo performance into an orchestral extravaganza relief and feelings of well-being.

So what are these profound effects that can suddenly make you feel like everyone of your cells has won a spa package? Let’s dive in and find out, shall we? 

Deep Relaxation and CBD Flower

The need to de-stress at the end of the day is no joke, and CBD flower can get you relaxed deep in the body in no time. People often comment that hemp flower has been a much better alternative to daily after work drinks, because it gets the stress out like a couple of drinks does, but it’s non-intoxicating and non-addictive. It’s a great way to answer the stress and tension that builds up in your body throughout the day, without the mental effects of THC or a Xanax. It’s also a great post workout remedy. And winding down with hemp flower gets you prepped for a good night’s sleep. 


The Powerful Anti-inflammatory Effects of CBD Flower

Why do people take drugs that could potentially damage their organs? Why do they take opioids despite their hideous side effects, including life-altering dependency? Because they are fast acting. 

People with chronic inflammation need constant medicinal therapy that won’t cripple them with side effects. Fortunately, CBD has answered that need. And because flower is both powerful and fast-acting, it is one of the most ideal forms for those who suffer daily from inflammation.  

CBD has an inhibitory effect on the COX enzyme that’s involved in regulating pain and inflammation. Unlike OTC drugs like NAIDs, CBD blocks many of the receptors that lead to inflammation, and is therefore more powerful. In addition, CBD helps with pain, and when the body doesn’t pick up on pain signals, it doesn’t register danger and cause inflammation.


CBD Flower Effects on Anxiety, Depression, and Addiction

While CBD binds directly with opioid receptors to treat pain, it is also deterring opioid drug abuse. This promiscuous cannabinoid also interacts with dopamine receptors, helping to regulate behavior and thinking, which can influence depression and addiction. It also befriends serotonin receptors, where it can treat anxiety, depression, and drug-seeking behavior. And finally, this frisky molecule works to keep your natural endocannabinoid, anandamide — aka the bliss hormone — around longer by putting the kibosh on FAAH — the enzyme that breaks it down. Damn, CBD! 

You can get ALL THAT from CBD on the quick, along with a deluge of other cannabinoids and terpenes that want to make you right as rain again.


Other Therapeutic Effects

And that’s not all. In fact, researchers are just scratching the surface of what CBD and the full spectrum of its plant crew can do. There’s a growing collection of preclinical and human research showing that CBD is also neuroprotective, anti-tumor, anticonvulsant, bone-healing, antispasmodic, antiemetic, and more.


Stardust Hemp Strains — The Best CBD Flower

Bubba Kush CBD Light citrus flavors with kush notes. Relaxing with light euphoric effects. Great for anxiety, unwinding from stress, and relief from aches and pains. 

Hempress 2 CBDPiney, citrusy, earthy. Immediate relaxation, followed by a calm clarity in the head. Works on racing mind, concentration, and pain and inflammation. 

Pineapple Haze CBDSweet and tropical. Promotes feelings of happiness and overall well-being. Spot on for relaxing, social meet-ups, and alleviating pain and inflammation. 

Purple Punch CBDYummy candy-flavored comfort. A potent relaxant that’s right on for insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, paranoia, nausea and inflammation. 

Sour Diesel CBDOddly alluring aromas of skunk, gas, and sour. Uplifting and motivating. Great for fatigue, pain, and depression.

Suver Haze CBDSweet and skunky. Recommended as a daytime strain. Great for relieving anxiety, depression, and inflammation. 


About Stardust Hemp

From the fertile soil of the Emerald Triangle to the greenhouses in the Nevada mountains to you — Stardust Hemp sources only the finest legal hemp flower, whether for our aromatic hemp buds or our excellent hemp flower prerolls that have received rave reviews. 

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